Cowes Yacht Club

Committee Duties


The Commodore sets the overall annual committee agenda (consistent with the views of members), helps the committee prioritise its goals and then keeps the committee on track by working within that overall framework. Chair committee meetings and direct their activities. Responsibilities and duties.

The Commodore should:

  • Schedule & manage committee meetings
    • If unavailable arrange alternate chair
  • Put together agendas for meetings
  • Responsible for the overall running of the Club
  • Manage the annual general meeting
  • Manage any Special General Meetings
  • Promote and develop increased club membership
  • Represent the club at Official functions
  • Act as a facilitator for club activities
  • Ensure the planning and budgeting for the future is carried out in accordance with the wishes of the members
  • Representation or arrange representation for (Yachting Victoria, Yachting Westernport Government etc)
  • Direction and strategy
  • Member’s issues and programs
  • Represent CYC or arrange representation at other Yacht Opening days. The days include all YW member clubs as well as sister clubs
  • Arrange CYC publicity where possible and appropriate through local papers
  • Chair Opening Day at CYC
  • Chair & attend Commodores welcome
  • Ensure compliance with all regulatory authorities

Knowledge and skills required

Ideally the Commodore is someone who:

  • Can communicate effectively
  • Is well informed of all organisational activities
  • Is aware of the future directions and plans of members
  • Has a good working knowledge of the constitution, rules and the duties of all office holders and subcommittees
  • Is a supportive leader for all organisations' members

Vice Commodore

The Vice Commodore should:

  • Create a Social calendar for the members in conjunction with the Sailing calendar. (At the discretion of the Vice Commodore, a Social Sub-committee may be formed in order to share the responsibilities, planning & attendance. These volunteers are to help the Vice Commodore and are not considered members of the Cowes Yacht Club General Committee.) The Social calendar is to be both emailed and posted to all members, posted on the Cowes Yacht Club website, as well as displayed in a prominent place in the Clubrooms
  • Organise a kitchen working bee in conjunction with the Club general working bees in order to get the kitchen and clubrooms ready for the social and sailing season
  • Organise with the Bass Shire Health Dept. to get our kitchen registration certificate updated. This requires a kitchen inspection and is usually held straight after the first working bee
  • Organise a team to provide refreshments for the club's Official Opening of the Sailing Season
  • Organise the morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea roster for the Tackers Sailing Program
  • Liase and organise a food stall for raising external additional funds during the Nippers Program
  • If it is the year that Cowes Yacht Club is host for the Yachting Westernport Off The Beach Challenge (every 4 years), volunteers must be organised to provide hot food to sell to raise external additional funds for the Club
  • Attend regular monthly Committee meetings when possible as planned by the General Committee
  • Be sure that correct financial reconciliations are completed after each Social function, and that the monies are deposited into the Club bank account at the earliest convenience. Receipts of these takings must be kept and submitted to the club Treasurer at the conclusion of the sailing season in time for the annual audit
  • Educate new kitchen workers/volunteers on correct kitchen operating procedure, cleanliness, and operation of kitchen appliances
  • Support the Commodore whenever required and possible

Rear Commodore

The Rear Commodore should:

  • Advance and promote all forms of boating and on water activities in consultation with any sub-committee to which the Committee may delegate the functions of a race committee in terms of the Racing Rules of Sailing or rescue boat support, and assist any such sub-committee in race management including race and safety briefings
  • Develop and improve sailing, racing, race management and safety skills within the Club; and
  • Liaise with the Australian Sailing on issues affecting the Club, other than issues within the responsibility of the Commodore or Secretary
  • Manage the maintenance of all club equipment associated with on water activities
  • Liaise with Yachting Western Port for coordination of major sailing events
  • Prepare and issue an annual on water event program and officer duty roster


The Secretary is responsible for the Administration of the Club:

  • Communications – Most importantly
    • Provide minimum fourteen days notice to members prior to a General Meeting
    • Table the minutes from the previous General Meeting for approval
  • Public Officer – Most importantly
    • Lodge with ASIC the Annual Statement by Public Officer within 28 days post General Meeting
  • Membership database (if no membership secretary appointed)
  • Keep Minutes of proceedings of the Committee and of General and Special General Meeting of the club
  • Keep and maintain such other records of the Club and carry out such other duties as the Committee from time to time shall direct or as are required by the Act
  • Make available for inspection by Club members the books, registers and documents of the club
  • Receive, distribute, and reply where required, all correspondence
  • Maintain historical records


The Treasurer should:

  • MYOB – post cash entries to relevant accounts, Bank Reconciliations
  • Record payments and receipts
  • Cashflow projections
  • Ensure Financial reports available at AGM and explain their content
  • Prepare Treasurer’s report of financial position at each committee meeting
  • Maintain and show evidence of receipts and payments
  • Assist accountants with preparation of annual financial report. Explain transactions, post depreciation and adjustment journals
  • Invoice fees and fuel invoices to members
  • Ensure bills paid on time (via cheques or BPAY online
  • Lodge receipts promptly to bank account

Other Duties

Some Cowes Yacht Club duties may be delegated to non committee members.

Other duties includes:

  • Sail and Boating Captain
  • Sail Training Principle
  • Sailing Subcommittee
  • Patrol Boat Captain
  • Membership and New Members
  • Tractor / Mower / Winch / General maintenance
  • Electronics maintenance
  • Grants / Funding / General Sponsorship
  • Building Development
  • Working Bees
  • New to Sailing
  • Public Relations / Newsletter Sponsorships / Advertising
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Yard Manager
  • Handicapper

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