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Race Duty instructions

Race Day Procedures


Officer of the Day (OOD) Duties:


1 week prior to duty:

  • Check at least a week before race day to confirm rostered duty crew will attend.
    • Remind them to find a replacement if not available & let you know who is taking their place. They can use whatsapp message board to request other members to swap/replace them.
  • Read attached sheet on the new aggregate handicap system
  • Familiarise with the six CYC Division/Aggregate course sheets. Note: Races must be conducted as full course laps and the number of laps per division recorded on the race result sheet (this is mandatory!).
  • Familiarise yourself with the on-water safety procedures (& CovidSafe procedures)

Club phone numbers
Club roster
Club on water safety plan 
Covid-Safe plan
Aggregate handicap system

On Day of duty:

The following mentors are available to support the OOD on the day

  • Katie Holroyd
  • Michael Hart
  • Brian Walton
  • Doug Telford
  • Gordon Burrell
  • Meet duty crew 2 hours before start.

  • Rule up and put out sign on book/sheets on bench near the bar.

  • Check weather report from Bureau of Meteorology, and use TV display in the Club room.
    • If a Gale warning or higher as issued by the BOM is current on the day of the race, the race is cancelled.
  • Choose course type according to weather conditions.
    • Ideally have the boats going around the outer mark with the tide. If not possible, consider an inner buoy for the smaller boats or smaller course/close to shore & greater number of laps per division. See attachment for recommended course by tide & wind direction.
    • If Optimists or juniors are racing, they do not compete in the CYC Aggregate, a short course inner buoy must be laid. Optis cannot compete in a race if the wind strength is 15 knots or greater. Optis also must sail inshore, have a dedicated patrol boat and never further than 0.5nm mile from the Club.
  • Conduct Race Committee Meeting 90 minutes before start.
    • This meeting is to determine course settings and advise members on duty.
    • Please consult course sheets as the wrong course will invalidate the CYC Aggregate race.
  • Put course and other Supplementary Instructions on whiteboard.
  • Conduct briefing 30 minutes before start.
    • Include club/social announcements.
    • Remind all skippers they must have a signed Safety Compliance to compete.
    • Remind skippers and crew regarding minimising the risk of boats and trailers left unattended causing damage to boats and injury to members and the public.
  • Fill in Race sheet with basic details (Race Name/number, people on Duty)
    • Ensure number of laps per division is recorded on the result sheets including any shorten course. Shorten course can only be done from the final mark before the finish line.
    • Race result sheet must be completed for all races including reason for cancelled or abandoned races.

After the Race

  • Ensure that all boats and crews are safe ashore.
  • Ensure that all boats have signed off and collect sign off sheets.
  • Announce provisional results.
  • File results, sign on/off sheets, incident reports etc. in race result folder.
  • Photo/scan race result and timing sheets including reasons for abandoned or cancelled races. Please send phots/pdf scanned files to sailing@cowesyachtclub.com.
  • Ensure responsible person will lock building

BOM - Marine Western port Forecast
BOM - Met Eye
WillyWeather - Cowes
BOM - Tide – Cowes Jetty
CYC weather station
Suggested Courses
CYC Division/Aggregate Course sheets
Safety Dec forms
Aggregate handicap system
CYC Yardsticks
Australia Sailing OTB Cat & Dinghy Yardsticks  - Includes how to calculate results
TY Yardsticks
Racing Rules (Blue book 2021-24)
Race Signals / Starting flags
Martime Signals
CYC Sailing Rules
Time keeper equipment instructions
CYC Race results sheet (PDF)

CYC Time recording sheet (PDF)

Email results to: sailing@cowesyachtclub.com

incident report
Protest Form
Sternchaser Calcs



Duty Crew Duties:

  • Patrol Boat & crew
  • Time Keeper
  • Radio / Safety Roles
  • Report to OOD 2 hours before start.
  • Raise Club & Australian flag.
  • Ensure regatta buoys are inflated and prepared on patrol boats.
  • Monitor radios on VHF Ch73 (we do not use 27Mhz)
  • Ensure suitable anchors and weights loaded - depends on race mark locations and water depths
  • Use portable VHF if away from club rooms.
  • Issue VHF hand radios according to the VHF hand held protocol (Protocol is pinned up on the board).
  • Attend race committee meeting 90 minutes before start.
  • Crew on rescue boats as needed.
  • After last start, report to patrol boat the number of boats entered. {by division}

After the race:

  • Check that all boats and crews are safe ashore.
  • Have trailers ready for rescue patrol boats.
  • Fill fuel tanks
  • Wash with fresh water rescue boats, trailers and tractor!
  • Wash out motor on rescue patrol boats. Store boat and lock all shed doors.
  • Ensure all rescue boat keys and tractor key are returned to the key safe.
  • Remove sign on sheets 5 min after last start.
  • Replace with sign off sheets.



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